Thank you with all my heart! I have suffered with low back pain for over ten years.  I have endured physical therapy, surgery and multiple relapses.  The invasiveness of surgery was looming in my future yet again.  I finally put my skepticism aside and took the advice from my friends, family and doctor to visit a chiropractor.  My choice in Active Life Family Chiropractic and Dr. Dana has been the best decision I have ever made. The combination of adjustments, exercises and therapy has given my the confidence to live.  I no longer strain to get out of my car, I can sit comfortably through a movie, I can move freely without pain.  One of the best gifts from being with Active Life Family Chiropractic is knowledge. I now have the tools and education to help myself feel better if I do regress between adjustments. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Kendra R.

Dr. Dana is great and really listens to my issues.  She explains everything thoroughly to make sure we are on the same page and I’m getting the best treatment possible.

Torrie S.

Wow! I honestly didn’t think I could benefit.  My problems were “minimal” compared to family members, I am convinced this may be the way for me.  Change nothing!!


I’ve been a patient of Active Life for 3 1/2 years. I have scoliosis & M.S. Dr. Smith has helped me so much with the tense muscles in my upper back as to my curvature in my spine and keeping aligned. Also the muscles and joints in my body get tight and head to keep moving freely with my M.S. She has also helped me to regain mobility in my shoulder that I fractured and dislocated in falling on ice a year ago. She is such a sincere and caring Dr. & has lots of helpful suggestions with all aspects of my health.

Bobbie K.

I have been coming to Dr. Smith for over 3 years. She keeps me loose and moving. Without the regular adjustments I would be in trouble. The treatments are a necessary part of my life and my well being.

Carolyn M.

Dr. Smith has allowed me to quit depending on medication to relieve pain. I can do the things I enjoy and know that if I need her I can call and I will again be pain free. I wish I had found her years ago!!! Thank you Dr. Smith.

Celeste L.

After a sleepless night of horrible back/sciatic nerve pain, I missed my first day of work in 19 years.  Dr. Smith was able to see me twice that day and gave me enough relief to return to work the following day. Her continued care has improved my nerve pain dramatically. I am 90-95% better and have increased my range of motion significantly. It makes good sense to me to avoid medications and possible surgery in order to receive relief. Dr. Smith’s kind and caring nature makes it easy to return for care and I would gladly recommend her to anyone.

Jeff G.

Dr. Smith is amazing! In just 3-4 appointments she had my severe arm pain gone! This is totally awesome as I was taking hydrocodone to just get some sleep and get through my day with two kids. The staff here is also so terrific. They are so nice and make my kids feel at home. Thank You so much for “releasing” me from pain.

Kristy C.

I was a knotted- up pretzel until I came to see Dr. Smith. She has helped me tremendously. I feel great and I can move more flexible. Thanks Joni and all the staff, you’re all a bunch of great people.

Troy T.